Printable Map of Hawaii – Outline, Blank

If you planning a trip to Hawaii, then firstly you need the map of Hawaii big island for the guidance. Hawaii’s Map will help you in visiting all nearby places, it will tell you about the city like its location, area, road, and highways. Hawaii is most recent state of United State and it is located in Oceania. Hawaii is the beautiful state of US. The population of this state is approx 1.42 million and it is the 50th state which has become the state of US on  August 21, 1959. We are providing you the map of Hawaii. You can see that Hawaii is one of the smallest states and it is also called the Aloha State. The Hawaiian Flower is the state flower. Its name is the Hibiscus and the color of this flower is yellow. Hawaii’s flowers are diverse and beautiful.

There are many places to visit like The beach. Pearl Harbor, Luaus, Akaka falls, Aloha Tower, Barking Sands, Waimea canyon and Sea Life Park. If you are planning a trip then download the map of Hawaii and go there. I am sure Hawaii will be the best and memorable place to visit. Now I am telling you some important fact about Hawaii that it gets a greater percentage of electricity from solar  than any other state and Hawaii is the only state in the United States that grows coffee beans. The Hawaii map gives you an idea about places to visit.

Road Map of Hawaii big island

Map of Hawaii big island

Hawaii is also known as Sandwich Islands. The largest city of Hawaii is Honolulu which population is around 390,738. You can spend your vacation here and you will really enjoy the lovely weather, beach, parks and beautiful buildings. If you are planning to visit Hawaii, don’t miss the chance to visit one of the most beautiful landscapes during the journey to East Maui on the Hana Highway.

Map of Hawaii cities

We are proving you the map of some Hawaii’s cities with awesome pictures. All places of Hawaii State are very beautiful and you can spend your memorable time here. Hawaii’s state fish is the humuhumunukuapua’a, which means pig-nosed fish. Hawaii comes from the language spoken by the native people, meaning homeland. Hawaii, a pacific state, is located in the pacific Ocean 2,100 miles southwest of mainland United States. It is the only state not located on the continent of North America and the only state made up entirely of islands. There are many cities in Hawaii, we are providing the map of Hawaii’s citis which most popular and largest. Many religion people lived here and they speak different languages.

Map of Honolulu

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii and it is on the island of Oahu’s south shore. Honolulu is famous for beach backed by palm and highrise hotels. There are many places to visit like Diamond Head, Iolani palace and USS Arizona Memorial. Some colleges like the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii Pacific University, and Kapiolani Community college also available here. It is a very beautiful and peaceful place for the trip. If you will come here you really enjoy here and it will become a memorable place in your life. Honolulu City is a major hub for international business and military defense.

Map of Mililani

Mililani consists of two places Mililani Town and Mililani Mauka and the population of these places are 27,629 and 21,039. The location of Mililani is near the center of the island of Oʻahu in Honolulu County.  Mililani’s  Public schools are operated by the Hawaii Department of Education. Mililani has its own commercial shopping centers,  parks, a golf course and community centers. There is the map of Mililani available with a beautiful picture of this city. You can see in this picture that it is a very peaceful city with awesome weather.

Map of Pearl City

Pearl City is located along the north shore of Pearl Harbor and the population of this city is approx 47,698. There some most visiting places in Pearl City like Aloha stadium and Pearl Harbor National Wildlife Refuge. You can visit all place by cab or by bus, the map of Pearl City will guide you in your journey. Pearl Harbor is the largest natural harbor within the state of Hawaii. This is a very beautiful city having very large buildings with awesome weather.

Map of Waipahu

The location of Waipahu is along the northern shore of both Middle Loch and West Loch of Pearl Harbor and the population of this city is around 38,216. The meaning of Waipahu is “water forced up.” It is a former sugarcane plantation town and U.S. postal code is 96797 for Waipahu. The parks of this city are very beautiful with awesome weather.

Map of Ewa Beach

Ewa Beach is located in Ewa District and the population of this city 14,955 with the area of 4.8 km square. You can see in the picture of Ewa Beach that it is a cool place to visit. Thousands of visitors come here every year, they enjoy the beauty of awesome weather and beach. Ewa Beach is served by the Hawaii Department of Education and Ewa Beach has very beautiful parks. The Palm tree increases the beauty of the beach.
Hawaii was a native kingdom throughout most of the 19th century when there is the sugar industry and it was very important in increasing U.S. business and political involvement. Queen Liliuokalani was deposed in 1893, and after one year the Republic of Hawaii was established with Sanford B. Dole as president.After that, Hawaii became a U.S. territory in 1900.
After seeing all images and the map of Hawaii big island, you are thinking about making a trip to Hawaii. Let me  know about ideas about this blog and tell us what you more want from this blog. You can answer us through the comments. We shall try to fulfill your requirements and provide you more map of Hawaii Oahu and their cities. Thanx

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