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Coronavirus (COVID 19) World Map : Spread Latest Updated Global Cases [April 11, 2020]

COVID 19 infectious disease has covered almost all the world. When you look at the World map you can see this virus has infected how many countries of the World. Doctors are giving their best to find medicine for this disease, but did not get any success yet. Since, it is an infectious disease and it is spreading so fast that it can be dangerous for the whole world if this virus chain is not broken. 

Now days, the whole world is suffering from an infectious disease causing because of a contagious virus i.e. severe acute respiratory syndrome / SARS coronavirus - 2 (also known as SARS-CoV-2). This disease name is Coronavirus. People also named it as Covid-19.
You can check the defected countries on the “CORONAVIRUS MAP OF WORLD”. Worldwide the count has crossed 12 Lakh numbers. There are many myths and wrong information spreading online on social media sites and some fake websites. People should not panic with this wrong information. They should check official information, facts and safety measures WHO is providing.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Map of World

Coronavirus Map of World

This contagious disease has affected countries like USA, Spain, Italy, Germany on a large scale. Count on these countries has been reached One Lakh and it is becoming difficult for the Medical Authorities to treat the large number of patients. So, people need to be aware about this virus and take precautions so that they can save themselves from this disease.
On the World Map you can check how vastly this disease is spreading and it is becoming difficult for medical authorities to handle this large number of patients.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) World Map Cases of Latest Date

Coronavirus World Map

However, positive thing is there are around 9 Lakh patients who have recovered from this disease. But around 3 Lakh patients died because of this contagious virus so one should not neglect the side effects of this disease. Proper guidelines are provided to the people so that they should not panic, take precautions, do not move outside and come in touch of infected people since the virus is present on the surface for long time so if some touches the same place touched by infected person or touch the infected person can come under the trap of this virus.

 COVID-19 Cases World Map 11th April 2020

On an average this disease takes 10-14 days treatment. In the initial stage people are very normal. They do not have any symptoms. So, one can unintentionally can spread this disease. That’s why, government is taking strict decisions like lockdown so that they can break the chain and help people from this fast spreading infectious disease.

Hope this World Map updates regarding coronavirus will help you to get awareness about the disease and will recommend all the viewers to stay at home to stay fit and healthy. If it is urgent or necessary only then go outside. Otherwise, do not visit public places for some times till this virus chain is not broken. This Coronavirus Map of world will keep you updated with correct figures and count of the affected people, active, recovered and deceased patients.


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