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US Map | USA Map With States

We have the habit to use US Map in our daily activities sometimes specially when we are on the road going somewhere we did not know how to reach. What is really a map? Map of USA is a visual representation of an entire area or a part of a specific area which is typically represented on a flat surface while in reality it may be the opposite of what we see on the map. The work or task accomplish by a map is to illustrate specific and detailed information of an area. These areas illustrate on the map are mostly geographical areas area such hills, rivers, roads, buildings, etc.

US Map

us map

There are many kinds of maps like Map of the usa, two ­dimensional map or USA Road Map. With these maps which human have created, we can differentiate naturals boundaries which have been there for years or the boundaries which God have create and political boundaries which the men have created like roads, buildings, national resources( rivers, forests) etc.

 Map of USA

When we talking about the history of map, we need to look at many years back about 8000 years where the map was drawn with hands and those maps were use for different reasons such as religious, for slaves' bay to see where slaves were taken after be bought, to explore the world for explorations who were there to discover what was beyond their boundaries and reported to their countries (which brought slavery later in to action) and so on. Most of the people who were using the map where people like slaves' traders and explorations because at that time most people did not knew what was a map about and how to use even draw one.

Map of US

The Map USA is quite a big map as we can see where we can distinguish all the states, their capital cities, and others features. USA Map shows that it has many maps made for it such as USA Major States and Capital Map, USA River Map, USA Physical Map and so on to help people to travel around the country and know where what is were so that you can overcome the obstacles and do not get lost. We can see that each map has a special objective for which it has been drawn and they have been drawn this way so that they do not interfere each others.

The USA River Map represents all the water bodies of the countries, tell their names, their locations and all information which is needed by a person who wish to take a trip around the country and visit the country’s river.


A map of the USA is useful for both a layman and an intelligent person, as maps contain loads of information. It is up to an individual how he makes use of it. Map of the US are generally used for: analysis, communication, decoration, exploration, navigation, map reading and others uses.

As the word can say, road is an infrastructure which is been build to conduct to take someone from a point A to point B or a well built network putting together different cities/towns or even country to facilitate moving between these two locations.

Map of USA States

Differentiation between road and route? There is a difference between these two words, road and route. A route is an itinerary show to a person how to reach a certain place from a specific point or his or her current position while road is a wide leading route from one place to another, especially one which vehicles cause to reach a destination(town, village, etc).

Types of roads:- Things which we need to know about any road­ is that there are many types of roads such as national roads, highways, freeways and others and they have different directions, length, size or greatness( some having one lines or one direction while others having two, three or four lines or directions).

USA Road Map

Things which you need to know about the Road Map of USA are as follow:- The US road map shows national capitals, states capital and highway numbers along with extensive road and highway networks. It essentially combines two types of roads which these types of roads are extensive road and highway networks of US.

Highway and the regional US highway Map :- These two main road­highway networks are central to the overall American surface transportation network, which, however, also includes two other road­highway systems. These two others road­highway systems are namely the State Highways and the County Highways.

We need to know that the differences in the four levels in the entire US road­ highway transportation network are more on administrative and operational lines than functional one. For example, some roads or highways in the State Highway network may be so heavily traveled to the point that they match the Federal Interstate Expressways in their standards of quality and maintenance.

Road map of USA shows or sketches the Interstate System, the backbone of the American road and highway network. The Interstate System is also known as the Dwight D. Eisenhower System of Interstate and Defense Highways. The Interstate System of US is funded and administered by the US Federal Government but largely maintained by the individual states where they are located or pass through. These Expressways form a 45,000 mile long network that serves as the lifeline of the nation and connects nine in every ten US cities with a population of fifty thousand or more inhabitants.

We need to know that this has started in the 1950s; when these highways are built to meet the highest standards of quality and maintenance in order to facilitate safety, speed and efficiency of travel for millions automobiles in their daily routine and freight transport traffic. In fact, the Interstate System carries about 1/5 of the whole automobile traffic in the US. Don’t forget that the older US Highways, which are more regional networks, don’t receive any Federal funding and are built, operated and maintained completely by the States.

While the Interstate System has facilitated easy and faster travel across the length and breadth of US, the real romance of the US landscape could only be experienced by traveling on the smaller county roads that passes through the rural parts of US. A county road map of the USA carries details of roads in various counties.

Cellular Coverage Map USA

A Cellular coverage map of USA ? In telecommunications, the coverage of a radio station is the geographic area where the station can communicate. Broadcasters companies are also companies expected the telecommunications companies which use coverage to reach number of people. Broadcasters and telecommunications companies frequently produce coverage maps to indicate to users the stations intended service area. Coverage depends on several factors, such as orography (i.e.mountains) and buildings, technology, radio frequency and perhaps most importantly for two-way telecommunications the sensitivity and transmit efficiency of the consumer equipment. Some frequencies provide better regional coverage and others are not the case. There are also other frequencies which penetrate better through obstacles, such as buildings in cities.

We need to know that the ability of a mobile phone to connect to a base station depends on the strength of the signal. This may be boosted by a higher power transmission, better antennas, taller antenna masts or alternative solutions like in-building picocells. Normal macrocells signals need to be boosted to pass through buildings, which is a particular problem designing network for large metropolitan areas with modern skyscrapers and tall buildings, hence the current drive for small cells and micro cells and photocells. Signals also do not travel deep underground, so specialized transmission solutions are used to deliver mobile phone coverage into areas such as underground parking garages and subway trains.

Cellular coverage map of USA

An organized country surely has a cellular coverage map for sure. We will look at the cellular coverage for US only in this article. The cellular coverage map of US is a map of the country showing all the networks doing business and having coverage in the territory. There are many telecommunications companies in US and these companies are offering different coverage depending on the areas. Some of these coverage are 2G, 3G and 4G even if even they are other coverage available.

A picture which illustrates this cellular coverage is shown below

When reading the cellular coverage in this Map of the US, we can see all the point with stronger and weaker coverage, know which network has a best coverage in which area and not, which network is more present in this area than in other region or area and which kind of coverage they are offering in which area .

This Map of US is made by all the telecommunications together so that it can help them to see and know the regions they are covering and which one are not yet covered so that it may be covered in the future and to know when there is a problem with their network or the area. This map is very useful to these telecommunications companies and others bodies who can make use of this information.

In the conclusion, I can say that the Cellular coverage in  USA is so strong and good when looking at the map to the point that we can say that they do not have much problem of network like others countries. A better cellular coverage is a sign of a better cellular coverage network in the country and less problem and a best services given to customers.

Temperature Map of USA

Many people can only say that the temperature today is good or bad but don’t really know what a temperature itself is. Temperature is the degree or intensity of heat or cold present in a substance or object or body, especially as expressed according to a comparative scale and shown by a thermometer or perceived by touch.

The importance or use of temperature - We use temperature to see or know if our day for example is great day to go to beach, to go to have a barbecue outside or to know if we are sick. So the temperature is very useful tool that human being use in their daily life and activities. In many countries, there are channels on TV which give the temperature of the day in the morning at to let people to be aware of the rain which may be during the day or of the tornado which may come so that people can be ready to face it otherwise it may kill them or ruin their day or activities.

The benefit of temperature is that it helps you to know the temperature of the day so that the activities you have planned for the day can be cancels, postponed or happens. For example, if the celebration of a marriage is planned to be in an open area or a garden, the organizers need to know about the degree (temperature) of the day so that they can see of their ceremony will happens or not so that they can inform the participants to come or that the event was cancels due to the temperature.

US Temperature Map

We need to know that every single country in this world has his own temperature which is totally different to others countries or similar to the countries of the same region or area. There are countries which have four seasons while others only two, example in European and North America, those countries have four seasons and each season has his maximum and minimum degree of temperature it reaches and same for those countries which have two seasons.

The climate in USA is characterized by the cold temperatures during the cold seasons (autumn and winter) and hot temperatures (spring and summer). Contrary to the countries which have two seasons, these seasons are the season where the temperature is high (heat)and the other one is when the temperature is cold(not necessary a negative temperature).

The Temperature map in US is showing that on the left of 0C, those regions are characterizing by negative temperatures while on the right of it, is the positive temperatures. See the temperature map of US to be clearer on the matter.

Temperature Map of USA

This temperature map of the USA is perfectly showing to us the temperature Map of USA. The reading is so easy that we can see and distinguish which state is the colder in the country that other states and similar for the heat. The temperatures are being shown in the two scales which are Celsius C and Fahrenheit (F) which are among the three scales used to express temperatures.

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